New Audiences

With Effective Advertising technology reach new prospects actively considering products and services like yours. With precise targeting and personalized ads, you can drive more organic traffic to your site, app and social media pages.


Grow your business with best-in-class advertising technology solutions.


Increase web traffic

Showcase your brand with relevant product offers and flexible creative. With intelligent product recommendations, your ads will automatically feature the products most likely to trigger visits and engagement. Flexible targeting allows you to build audiences from your own prospect and customer lists.

Increase app traffic

Get app engagement from new customers on mobile web, other apps, and across devices. Promote special offers that directly link to the product page within your app to increase traffic, encourage usage, and secure a lasting customer relationship.

Increase social media


Target new users, lapsed users, and active visitors with ads that drive social engagement. With an unmatched understanding of shopper behavior, using powerful campaigns that target the users most likely to follow you on social media pages.

Success Stories

Signing up with odeel was certainly one of the best decisions i have made. odeel is sending a steady stream of high-quality visitors to our app day after day. You people are great! Thank you very much!  
- Tara Burton
We've been in the dropshipping industry as a company for more than 3 years now and we've had the chance to test more than a few traffic solutions. After testing for a few days what odeel has to offer we've decided to fully implement their service into our business to maximize the benefit we get from odeel's platform and we're pleased with the results. Thank you, odeel.   - Danilo Ribeiro Lima
odeel has been a great source of organic traffic, we have tried a number of traffic providers and odeel generated the highest sales conversion % of all we have tried to date. The service is always prompt, consistent and helpful. Our experience has been very good and can recommend the service.   Jason Hileman
odeel, thank you very much for your help! I've tried a lot of ad agencies, but only you can sell me quality traffic at a good price. I trust you and increase my budgets regularly because I know that you will do your best to send me targeted visitors to my social media pages. 
- Emily Lundberg

Turn goals into results

Get Noticed

Generate brand awareness and interest in your products

Get Traffic

Get people to start considering your products or services

Get Sales

Encourage interested people to make a purchase 


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