Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the traffic comes from ?

These visitors are sourced as hyper-relevant, dynamic display ads in various niches. When you start a traffic campaign, your product or services are being displayed on various websites, app and social media platforms according to the category and the visitor targeting that you choose, This traffic is routed through our tracking servers and will show up as a combination of organic traffic to your web, app or social media page.

How much traffic will you send?

We will send unlimited organic traffic to your website, app and social media pages till the campaign comes to an end.

Does your traffic boost sales?

We send hyper-relevant traffic to your website, app and social media page which increases the chances of people making a purchase.

How long does it take for the campaign to start?

All new campaigns are started within 48 hours after the order is placed.

What type of products and services not allowed in your platform?

1. Illegal or pornography content
2. Hateful content
3. Automatic downloads or malware
Are strictly not allowed in our platform.

Does your traffic improve page rank?

Yes our traffic improves page rank.

Is the traffic trackable?

Yes, the traffic we send is real-time statistics. With every new campaign we share server tracking link with the customer.